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Картинки по запросу http://validshop.infoThe site (the website of the English website, from web-web buy cc, «web» and site-«place») is a place in the worldwide network (Internet), which has its own address, its owner and consists of separate web pages that We see it as one whole. A global network consists of all the sites available for common use. All pages of each site are united by one root address (what we type in the address bar of the browser), theme, system and design. Each page of a website is a text document that is written in a programming language (HTML, XHTML, JAVA or others). These text files are downloaded to your computer, processed by the browser and displayed on the computer monitor as a page of the site. The programming language allows you to edit the page text, add links, insert pictures, sound and video files. Pages of sites can be as simple sets of information — texts and pictures, and complex, with a huge number of functions that are managed by different programs. In the development of sites involved a large number of people — programmers, web designers and others. Initially, the web designer creates the design of the future site, takes into account the customer’s wishes, the purpose of the site and its intended audience. Suitable fonts, pictures, location buy cvv of objects are selected. After it comes the turn of the work of the coder. He works with a ready-made design, optimizing it for different brousers. Then follows the programming. A programmer creates a site structure from scratch, this is done using a programming language. When the site is ready, it needs to be filled with information. Also there are various people who promote, optimize the site, place it in Internet directories, distribute advertising of your site. The very first site in the world was created in 1991 on August 6. The author of the site was Tim Berners-Lee. The first information published on this site was a description of the new technology of the World Wide Web. Nowadays the site can be a visiting card of the company, your company, your portfolio. Also there are Internet shops, file sharing, social networks (such as,, online services. With the help of the site you can spread the information, quickly adjust it, so people who visit your site will have the latest data. With the help of the site you have the opportunity to convey a huge amount of information to people. No other mass media can give such a stunning effect. In the newspaper you have a number of characters and a place for printing, advertising on the radio can not be heard or improperly recorded / memorized information. Only having your own website you are not limited and can accommodate any desired amount of information. The site is also available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so anyone can access it. The most important task of the site is to inform the users and potential customers. Recently, more and more people use the Internet, read news, communicate and work on the Internet. Therefore, telephone communication, newspapers, television are receding into the background. A huge number of people are looking for all the information they need online Therefore having your website you will be closer to consumers.